True Sicily to visit


Nature, history and folklore meet in the western Sicily, land of sea, sun and wind, where the evocative ruins follows both wild nature reserves both vineyards and salt expanses.

Here are what that you cannot miss during this fantastic journey of history, art, unique scents and flavors.

1. The Egadi Islands, a corner of nature that can give you fantastic emotions: choose it for diving, enjoy stunning ocean scenery or enjoy the culinary delights.

2. Trapani, famous for its palaces, haughty and elegant, and its churches. It 'also known as the "city between two seas", since it juts out on a narrow strip of land that gradually narrows toward the end of Ligny Tower.

Sicilian wines


The western area of ​​Sicily is historically known for the production of Marsala.

The famous fortified wine that at the end of 1700 was much appreciated in major European cities.

 A story that was born from the intuition of the English merchant John Woodhouse,

after tasting the wines of Marsala, including the first who could compete in international markets with the famous labels

of Jerez and Porto.

In fact the origins of viticulture in this area of ​​Sicily are much older.

The area of ​​Mozia, Erice and Marsala as far back VIII / VII century. C. was colonized by the Phoenicians

traders who followed the Carthaginians, the Greeks and the Romans. A millenary tradition that has preserved to this day a

 rich heritage of indigenous

 grapes, still looking for a full appreciation.