Sicilian Experience in Marsala Area

Baglio Spano, former summer residence of the noble family Montalto Spano, houses one of the most fascinating and authentic B&B in Sicily, and reveals architectural feautures both of the aristocratic and agricultural Sicily; unique living environment among hectares of vineyards, it’s located 500 meters ca from the sea and in between Marsala and Mazara del Vallo from which is about 15 km.

A dirt road makes his way through the vineyards until you reach the big walls of tuff of the “Baglio”, a fortified farm with a large courtyard, which contains old warehouses, the manor house, stables and cellars, now expertly restored and mostly part of the B&B.

The property offers the comfort of a modern structure and, at the same time, wisely preserves the distinctive elements of ancient Sicilian style.

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Sicilian wines


The western area of ​​Sicily is historically known for the production of Marsala.

The famous fortified wine that at the end of 1700 was much appreciated in major European cities.

 A story that was born from the intuition of the English merchant John Woodhouse,

after tasting the wines of Marsala, including the first who could compete in international markets with the famous labels

of Jerez and Porto.

In fact the origins of viticulture in this area of ​​Sicily are much older.

The area of ​​Mozia, Erice and Marsala as far back VIII / VII century. C. was colonized by the Phoenicians

traders who followed the Carthaginians, the Greeks and the Romans. A millenary tradition that has preserved to this day a

 rich heritage of indigenous

 grapes, still looking for a full appreciation.